Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dealing with Files present in network share from SQL Developer

I have recently switched to Mac from PC and wish I could have had Mac version of TOAD. I have used TOAD for about 10 years and switching to SQL Developer is hard for me. One of the problem that I had with SQL Developer was accessing files present in the network share. Unfortunately you can't open file from SQL Developer using smb://share_name/folder syntax. I was so lucky to meet with Kris Rice @krisrice (Oh yah, the developer of SQL Developer) in ODTUG #kscope12 conference. He showed me how to do it. Looks like Mac automatically mounts the folders you access using smb://network_share under /Volumes/network_share. You just need to browse to this location and can start accessing your network share as a local drive.
Thanks Kris for this Tip.

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