Friday, July 20, 2012

Working with PC from Mac

"Microsoft should be proud of Apple since Apple makes the best hardware to run Windows"

I recently switched to Mac from PC thinking I will use Mac Windows RDP client to connect to Windows as my fallback option. However mac RDP experience is drastically different from windows, at the same time I don't want to go back to Windows. After lot of Googling I found the ways to get Windows experience from Mac. However I did not find a solution to map apple/command key to Windos key.

** First install CheatSheet. It's a wonderful tool displays the application sensitive shortcuts when you hold the Apple key for couple of seconds. No need to memorize all the shortcuts to begin with however I would recommend doing it.

** Then start with installing mac RDC client 2.1

** Launch RDC client and connect to your favorite windows machine.
** Apple  Key + 2 to goto fullscreen windows mode and come back.
** Access RDC preference menu using Apple + "," or through RDC-> Preferences.
     Goto Display and select "Fullscreen"as your Remote Desktop Size
     From Drives you can open up your Mac drives to be accessible from Windows machine. Oh ya, you  can edit your mac files from your favorite windows editor.

** Key board mapping
Windows ==> Apple equivalent
Backspace ==> Delete
Delete ==> Fn + Delete

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