Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mapping multiple schemas to Apex Workspace

Unfortunately Apex Admin application doesn't let you map more than one schema to the workspace. However I had a requirement to map 500 schema's to one single workspace (For the creation of training application for 500 Users). APEX_INSTANCE_ADMIN package came in handy and I did it using PL SQL.
Here is how you do it.

p_workspace  => 'MY_WORKSPACE', p_schema => 'MY_SCHEMA');

PS: You can use the same package REMOVE_SCHEMA to remove the mapping as well. Also SYS & SYSTEM schema's cannot be mapped using the same due to security restriction.

Reference to Oracle documentation:


  1. We can do it from the Admin account in the Workspace Manager.

  2. That's correct. Probably you may have time to map 500 Schemas to workspace one at a time. Unfortunately I don't and Workspace Manager doesn't let you map more than one schema at a time.

  3. but it shows one schema default for selecting objects. How to see other schema objects