Sunday, April 15, 2012

Enabling VNC Server in Linux

Linux comes in lot of flavors and steps you need to follow to enable VNC Server may be slightly different. Google is your best friend.
Try these steps for Redhat and best of luck.

  • Review ~home/.vnc/xstartup file and you may have to uncomment first couple of lines to enable VNC Session manager

  • Start VNC by executing /usr/bin/vncserver command . For the first time, you need to setup a password to protect your VNC Session.
Stopping VNC
"ps -la" will list all user processes and you can find VNC processes and kill it using "kill -9 <VNC Process ID>"

Cleaning up VNC Files
rm ~home/.vnc/<hostname>*
rm /tmp/.X*lock
rm /tmp/.X11-unix

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